Broken dreams

Broken dreams

Never had the sister you always wanted?
No problem, will be taken care of.
You want to be a pilot, but you have bad eyesight?
No worries, solved immediately! 

We are the administrators of the glued dream, the plumbers of happiness.

The musical performance Broken Dreams operates as a repair service for broken illusions, unfulfilled desires and stored plans. Based on all the broken dreams and unfulfilled desires of the audience, a unique musical theatre unfolds.



In this show - larded with songs (accompanied by electric organ/piano) - actors and musicians take the audience to a touching, witty place that will fascinate both children and adults.   (, E Van de Voorde)

The show reaches that elusive spot in people’s hearts, heads and gut. Most moving was probably the way it had both young and old meet through their dreams - of a towering adult future or a nostalgic look back at a lost past. (De Standaard, L. Laveyne)

CREATION: Johan De Smet, Benne Dousselaere, Wannes Gyselinck, Sebastien Van Huffel, Geert Vandyck, Anna Vercammen, Pieter Willems
MUSIC/PLAY: Wannes Gyselinck, Benne Dousselaere, Sebastien Van Huffel, Geert Vandyck, Anna Vercammen, Pieter Willems
TECHNIQUE: Jeroen Doise, Korneel Moreaux, Sebastien Van Huffel, Karel Clemminck
THANKS TO: NTGent, Begijnhof OLV ter Hoyen, Kerkfabriek OLV ter Hoyen, SOB Gent, Matthias De Wael