Dad, mum and the nazi

Dad, mum and the nazi

‘We want to be like the young men we saw on ouTube, with naked torsos, open faces, a special haircut and a fiery look in their eyes. This isn’t a game. This is change. Hope, at last.
Our fate is improving. Our backs are straightening. We are attracting followers.
They include: the stupid, the lazy, the ugly, people in need, people in need of money, losers, TV-addicts, drug users’ children, right-minded people’s children, children from single-parent families, hangers-on.
They do not include: intelligent people, beautiful people, popular people, right-minded people, people who are taken earnestly, people who get pocket money, and hangers-on.
We are Order. We hate chaos. We wear black clothes and shout: ‘Heil’.

An increasing number of youngsters are becoming fascinated by Nazism – often without realizing it. How do you become a Nazi? Is Nazism contagious? What changes when you are a Nazi? Can a Nazi hope ever to become normal again?

Dad, Mum and the Nazi  is a comedy about a boy who decides to become a Nazi the day his mother leaves the family. Attempts are made to force him back onto the right track. They fail. His obstinacy eventually also infects his father. Foaming at the mouth and shouting, father and son roam around a deep valley of hatred. They seem to be past help. Until one day, an unexpected event occurs… and all’s well that ends well.

TEXT: Bruno Mistiaen
DIRECTOR: Carly Wijs
PLAY: Jan Sobrie/Joris Hessels*, Tania Van der Sanden, Jos Verbist
DRAMATURGY: Mieke Versyp
SCENOGRAPHY: Giovanni Vanhoenacker
VIDEO: Peter Monsaert
COSTUMES: Valerie Leroy