The girl from the ropeyard

The girl from the ropeyard

In Mr and Mrs’s ropeyard
ropes were displayed by type,
by the metre, by the gramme -
a temple filled with rope , 
a sacred palace
each cord bearing its own tag 
stating name and price

then one day Mrs got pregnant
the sound of ‘Lucatextilis ’ was music to her ears
the sign outside, however, said
‘Master Ropemaker & Son’ 

Dad was beside himself with joy
but for one teeny-weeny hitch:
the child was a girl, 
a string-nipper

‘I love to make rope, to untie a complex knot ,
but a daughter who’s a ball of string, that I like not.’

In The girl from the ropeyard, we meet little LUCA,
a bundle of confusion, a girl clearly in knots.
LUCA is different from the others.
Will she find that somebody who’s as different as she is?
Walking a flimsy tightrope, she goes out looking for that equally knotty friend.

De ene spitsvondige sketch volgt de andere op. De personages die het achtjarige meisje tegenkomt, bruisen van de fantasie van de makers, en zouden zo kunnen zijn weggelopen uit het bos in 'Kulderzipken'. … Meer dan het bekijken waard. HET NIEUWSBLAD, M. Degrande

CONCEPT/PLAY: Frank Dierens, Ruth Beeckmans, Cami Moonen
SCENOGRAPHY: Michiel Van Cauwelaert
MUSIQUE: MuziekMozaïek o.l.v. Ilse Duyck
SOUND DESIGN: Korneel Moreaux, Bardia Mohammad
LIGHT DESIGN: Jeroen Doise
COSTUMES: Vick Verachtert
DRAMATURGY: Mieke Versyp
COACH: Johan De Smet
ANIMATION: Romane Claus
VOICE-OVER: Mark Verstraete
TECHNIQUE: Sebastien Van Huffel