Much too much too much

Much too much too much

Vincent never talks, Audrey talks constantly.
Nobody understands Vincent.
Nobody understands Audrey.

Yet they have lots to say.
About too much. About too little.
In a world with much too much
they suddenly discover something:

It has a beautiful name: Annelies.
She is more beautiful, tender, quiet
than anything they’ve ever come across before.
But also more dangerous…


In ‘Much too Much too Much’ theatre maker Johan De Smet and visual explorers/performers Annelies Van Hullebusch, Audrey Dero & Vincent Raoult set off in quest of the beauty and strength of less, in a world that’s filled with more. Together they create a universe inhabited by quietude, tenderness and wonder, buried under layers of much too much. 
A special place filled with images that have not been named yet and where anyone who is slightly different feels at home.

A visual performance for young children,
about much-too-muchness, and little of nothing.



We live in a world full of stimuli. More than ever, our society has become a multitude of things; of signals. A waterfall of information. More and more of it, and increasingly fast. The number of developments that is supposed to unfold, worldwide, the coming 50 years is the same as what we have witnessed over the past 5000 Years. Are we moving too fast? Do all those stimuli affect our thinking, our acting, our being?

Is it acceptable these days to be wild, furious, busy, shy, different… without instantly getting medicated for it?
Is ‘too fast’, ‘too slow’, ‘too loud, ‘too tender… invariably a problem?
Can a child still draw a tree the way it sees it?

PERFORMERS: Audrey Dero, Vincent Raoult, Annelies Van Hullebusch 
MUSIC: Joeri Cnapelinckx 
COSTUMES: Leentje Kerremans 
SOUND: Tijs Bonner
IMAGE: Jeroen Doise
LIGHT: Bardia Mohammad
TECHNIQUE: Korneel Moreaux, Sebastien Van Huffel, Bert Laurijssens