We come from far far away

We come from far far away

We come from far far away is a performance about refuge and refugee - performed in an immersive setting of a Mongolian yurt using live music, storytelling, clowning, shadow puppetry and a small tent to tell a big story in an intimate way.

Inside the tent there is a smaller tent,
and inside the smaller tent there is a boy.
He has travelled a long way.
He has travelled mostly on his own.He can show the things he has brought with him, he can tell the reasons for his journey, he can tell about the route he has taken, he can’t tell you where the story ends... 

We Come from Far Far Away follows the story of two boys from Aleppo who travel to Norway. It’s a road trip type of story – from Turkey to Greece and then to Macedonia and so on – all the way to Oslo. But it’s also a complicated story, it’s about things and people and places and also, significantly, about life and death.

We come from far far away won the Hedda Award 2017, best performance for young audiences in Norway.

The performance is part of the theatre special YOUR HOUSE MY HOUSE (27 > 29 April).


World class storytelling.” PERISKOP, Norway

“My heart broke and sung, among the warmth of people, gathered in a tent, inside a theatre…This show throws necessary light on where we have been standing in relation to each other.” DRAFF, Ireland

“The performance is rich and complex. It is not at all a heavy or worthy piece of drama, rather it is a human, touching, and above all funny play.” THE NEW EUROPEAN, UK

PERFORMED BY: Helder Deploige, Iva Moberg, Robert Orr, Marina Popović
DIRECTOR: Alex Byrne
DRAMATURGY: Kjell Moberg 
SET & COSTUMES: Kateřina Housková
MUSIC: David Hlaváč
PRODUCERS: Iva Moberg & Uta Gildhuis
WITH THE SUPPORT OF thNorwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs



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