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KOPERGIETERY is organizing the second edition of FESTIVAL DIGITAL from 28 February to 3 March 2019.

Technology is evolving at lightning speed, new media have slipped into our daily lives inconspicuously.
Do we sufficiently question this self-evidence?
Do we experience reality other than virtual? Where is the boundary between the two?
What is (the power of) a computer algorithm?
Do you know the internet as well as the internet knows you?

KOPERGIETERY put together a program of performances, (theater) installations and media workshops that touches on this evolution or themes.


do 28Festival Digital: uncovered (KG & CULTUURCONNECT) at de Krook
A day around the digital future of cultural experience for cultural professionals.


-- MAART --
vr 1:  20u>22u30 #Hollow (PlayField.) in de KG
Part I of PlayField's trilogy where you are challenged to think about your own media use.

vr 1:  20u30  #BIAS (PlayField.) in de Centrale
Part II of Playfield's trilogy where a 'self-created' algorithm exposes its consequences.

vr 1Atelier Digital (KOPERGIETERY) in de KG
Two atelier groups of our drama workshops created an alienating theater experience around new technologies

za 2: 17u + 20u30  #BIAS (PlayField.) in de Centrale

za 2:  Atelier Digital (KOPERGIETERY) in de KG

zo 3: 15u + 17u  Ljós (fuse* ) in de KG
Enchanting dance performance / art installation around space, light and sound, amazing for young and old

zo 3: 13u > 18u  Digitale speelplaats (Mediawijs e.a.) in de KG
Experiment with apps, games, media installations...

zo 3: 13u30 > 17u30  Masterclass 'Camera Moves'  (JEF & KG) in de KG
Workshop making dance video with your smartphone / iPad for 6 to 9 years

zo 3 Atelier Digital (KOPERGIETERY) in de KG