Babble is a ritual, 
a motet for the silence.
It's about stammering, stuttering, whispering and being at a loss for words.
It's a song, a game, a catchy dialogue between body and voice.

kabinet k is the collaborative work of choreographers Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven. They have been creating dance performances with children and adults for years. Their  previous performances unfold (coproduction KOPERGIETERY) and I see you, were characterized by a serenity and stillness. With the performance Raw they returned to the energetic, impulsive and organic dance language of their first productions (Questo RicordoShelter). For Babble Joke signs up for the choreography.


"With animal fur, a dancer, a girl, an actor and some lost words here and there, they manage to create a wonderful perforance full of intriguing images." KNACK Focus

DANCE: Bérengère Bodin, Simon De Winne, Lahja Demoustier
DRAMATURGY: Mieke Versyp  
SOUND DIRECTOR: Niko Hafkenscheid
LIGHT DESIGN Bardia Mohamad
SOUND: Korneel Moreaux
TECHNIQUE: Jeroen Doise, Sebastien Van Huffel 


KABINET K was founded by choreographers Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven. Kabinet k has a strong connection to KOPERGIETERY. For years they were both engaged in the theatre workshops and atelier projects.

Kabinet k focusses on dance performances for a young audience. They create performances with children and professional dancers and they also reflect and write about the position of contemporary dance for  children. Their work is characterized by a subtle sensitivity and very specific atmosphere. They always start from concrete, everyday life actions and mix these with playful elements. 
The use of live music, composed for their pieces, is another constant element of their work. 

In the past they have created dance performances such as Einzelganger (-), unfold (in coproduction with KOPERGIETERY), i see you and most recently the internationally acclaimed Raw.

BÉRENGÈRE BODIN is a dancer. She regularly works with choreographer Alain Platel (Les Ballets C de la B), e.g. international dance productions Tauberbach and C(H)OEURS.

SIMON DE WINNE is an actor. He grew up in Kopergietery theatre workshops. Later on he went to drama school and became a professional actor and director. He founded together with some collegues Tibaldus en andere hoeren,  a Flemish theatre company.

LAHJA DEMOUSTIER is 9.  She prefers dancing to talking. Her older sister Zoë and older brother Misha both danced in previous kabinet k productions. Now it is her turn to take the stage.