The beast inside my head

The beast inside my head

Is it a delirious dream?
So gruesome that it makes you laugh?
So ugly that it’s almost beautiful?
So painful that it’s actually fun?
Beasts inside your head hurt.
They take you outside your own body and make you see yourself as if you were someone else.

Frank Dierens and Mark Verstraete’s Kopbeest (The Beast inside my Head) transports  you into a world that tries to peek inside the insane human soul.  

twisted – crooked – distorted - deviant - bedevilled



"... fascinatingly attractive in its atrocity. Kopergietery has produced an edgy, dark drama about a family that offers little to no security. The music, rhythm and imagery of The Beast inside my Head make sure it will linger in your ... head for a long time after seeing it." ZONE 03, E. Coussens

​production: KOPERGIETERY
concept and creation: Frank Dierens, Mark Verstraete
play: Ruth Beeckmans, Frank Dierens, Mark Verstraete  
composer:  Koen Roggen
sound technician: Korneel Moreaux
dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp 
scenography: Koen Schetske
costumes: Lien Van Wemmel
light design: Jeroen Doise
technique: Jeroen Doise, Korneel Moreaux, Sebastien Van Huffel
production manager: Karel Clemminck
thanks to Campo