Fun Loving Humans

Fun Loving Humans

The first human is pretty lost.
The second is a girl, she’s smiling.
The third is bungeejumping.
The fourth is not masturbating
The fifth is watching scary shit.
The sixth is refusing to eat.
The seventh is proud of his body
The eight is tearing up old pictures.
The ninth is an old guy tapdancing.
The tenth wants to kill the third.
The eleventh would like to have at least one friend.
The twelfth is crying softly.
The thirteenth almost died but is ok now.
The fourteenth really hates babies.
The fifteenth has started a blog about emotions.
The sixteenth is spitting on all the dead corpses.
The seventeenth is looking at the twelfth one.
The eighteenth can’t believe this is happening.
The nineteenth is hugging a small lion in her dream.


The show FUN LOVING HUMANS lovingly explores how crazy normal everything and everone is. All of it in a hugely detailed and totally random fashion. Any resemblance to existing persons or events is striking. 

Simon D’Huyvetter works with two drama students and 12 students from KOPERGIETERY’s drama workshops.


CREATION: Simon D’Huyvetter
Jonas Baeke, Lotta Bal, Robin Chan, Imme Crul, Bente De Graeve, Isaura De Paepe, Eran De Vlam, Sander Celestes De Vlam, Anthea Demoen, Gust Dhossche, Lisa Mari, Robbe Meere, Mats Vandroogenbroeck

ARTISTIC COACH: Griet Dobbelaere
MAKE-UP: Louiza for Studio common sense

Simon D’Huyvetter werkt als freelance theaterauteur, -speler en -maker. Hij is tevens docent in de theaterateliers van KOPERGIETERY. Als masterproef schreef en speelde hij samen met actrice Eva Binon de voorstelling TWEE (kc De Werf, intussen KAAP). Simon is vast verbonden aan theatergezelschap Blauwhuis waarmee hij de voorstellingen CyclosWilt Hard, Richarken en Stapman creëerde. Vorig seizoen was hij te zien in Wanikan van 4Hoog.