Surge V2.0

Surge V2.0

Tom Dale Company
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Humanity is pushing at the boundaries of evolution as we enter the augmented age. The digital world is on a quest to re-create life and does this by making ever more real copies of the world. Humans share the planet with the new life force of technology.

We are entering the SURGE phase. We inhabit an organic laboratory, a playground in a future that is grown not constructed, connected not isolated, where the body is the interface between our organic and digital futures.

This 20 minute solo dance piece is set inside a digital landscape, with the dancer enveloped in graphic light patterns. 


Zonder woorden.

PRODUCTION: Tom Dale Company

DIGITAL DESIGN: Barret Hodgson
DANCER: Jemima Brown

Tom Dale Company is a world-class, collaborative, contemporary performance company from the UK. We make brave, explorative, exciting, urban and visceral. We combine dance, new technologies and the digital arts to offer an immersive experience and challenge convention.