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Cloud Dancing

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A total experience not to be missed. 
Dive with Cloud Dancing into a special performance installation in which dance, virtual reality and 3D meet.

Two dancers on stage in a lifelike setting. You see them - depending on your viewer position - live and/or as geometric representations of themselves. Part of the audience attends the dance performance in the theater hall by means of a video projection, while some other spectators end up in virtual reality with the dancers. Still others experience the performance via smartphone and see a changed representation of this virtual world.

In the digital version, as a spectator, you choose how you experience the dance performance: as if you were sitting in the theater or as if you were on stage with the dancers. How do these viewer positions influence the experience and ultimately the dance itself?

After the performance you as a spectator share your experiences with each other and the dancers.  This discussion will take place in English.

3D-DESIGN IN VR: Aurélien Merceron, Radu Cotorobai | CHOREOGRAFIE & DANS: Fiona Houez, Keita R.Joseph | WEB 3D-DESIGN: Roman Miletitch | PRODUCTION: Roman Miletitch | MUSIC DESIGN: Simon Phelep