For KOPERGIETERY the year 2016 has been a digital milestone.

KOPERGIETERY goes for ‘theatre 3.0’ and the arrival of the Multi Media Table (a large digital table with touchscreen) is a first step in the realization of a larger innovation called ‘Medialab’. This ‘Medialab’ researches, develops and implements digital opportunities within all areas of the theatre. The Multi Media table is one of the tools to do so.

In the following years KOPERGIETERY will be researching every digital possibility and integrate it – if possible - in the overall artistic development of our theatre:

  • Our atelier children and youngsters will look into the crossover between digital media and performing arts in collaboration with professional drama teachers. 
  • Teachers and their students can discover performing arts in a playful and interactive way. Therefore KOPERGIETERY started to develop ‘digital sessions’ (that are content related) for our own creations – playful digital tasks at the Media table in order to achieve a better understanding of the performance or the performing arts.
  • The audience will be able to get a deeper insight into the rich theatrical past of KOPERGIETERY - via these digital resources

KOPERGIETERY chooses to be a creative place where all children and youngsters can experience theatre / performing arts in a fun, educational and inspiring way. A theatre house where children, youngsters, families, schools and curious passers-by can connect with each other. At the table. Together. Participating.  Together. Creating. Together.

In the next few years, KOPERGIETERY will be working on developing its ‘Medialab’ more.  Next to the Multi Media Table, an editing and video studio will be created that can be used by every artistic partner in the theatre and in the Drama Workshops particularly.





Ilja Van Autreve, coordinator Medialab
0032 9 266 11 44