Festival Digital #4: CONNECT!

Festival Digital #4: CONNECT!

ALL THE SCREEN'S A STAGE - MAKEATHON in collaboration with Nerdlab


Is ‘Digital Theatre’ a contradiction in terms? The experience of theatre is rooted in the here and now; the collective consciousness of player and spectator; the shared experience in a shared space. However, the lockdown forced many theatre-makers and companies to create or broadcast digital work leading many to ask if this is the future of theatre? Or was it an attempt at a new form of performing arts? With 'All the Screen’s a Stage’, we aim to explore these possibilities and come up with new ideas about digital theatre.

  • Are there any useful lessons we can learn from the pandemic?

  • How can we use online performing arts in a sustainable way?

  • Can we create a new notion of artistic spatiality in a non-physical, online environment?

What is a Make-a-thon?

Make-a-thon = “making things together”. In a short period of time we work intensively together and come up with new ideas with an emphasis on fun, learning and networking. At the end of the weekend we come up with concrete ideas and prototypes on how we can present sustainable digital theater to the world.

Online or offline?

A make-a-thon about digital theatre requires an online test audience. Therefore, participants can also commit to being available online as a test audience. During the weekend there will be fixed moments when they share their insights from a safe distance.


The make-a-thon of All the Screen's a Stage forms the professional part of FESTIVAL DIGITAL #4. During the make-a-thon there is time to watch shows, be inspired in a games expo and connect with artists and technicians.

The make-a-thon is the end of a year project. All the Screen's a Stage is a monthly programme of free, expert-led conversations on Zoom.  During these 1-hour creative conversations, we delved deeper into the existence of digital theater, what a technical dramaturgy can be, and how inclusive design can lead to greater and diverse audience engagement. Watch the conversations here.

This project is led by digital artists Ilja Van Autreve and Tom Shennan and was produced in an international collaboration between Z-arts (Manchester), Young at Art (Belfast), and KOPERGIETERY (Ghent) with Four Nations funding.