In addition to the school performances, KOPERGIETERY is also strong in developing and supporting all kinds of initiatives that bridge the gap with education.

With these initiatives KOPERGIETERY wants to meet the urgent demands and needs of teachers - and by extension of all people who are in educational practice - to gain a deeper understanding of the arts. Moreover, KOPERGIETERY wants to encourage them to transfer these insights to children and young people. That this is about much more than only providing information about the productions, is obvious .

Foryears KOPERGIETERY has developed a refreshing educational framework of what is created and displayed in the house. For example, for each new production KOPERGIETERY organizes an information evening for teachers and provides a comprehensive portfolio so that the performance can be properly framed for the students. Interested schools can also get a free tour of the theatre house.

Each year KOPERGIETERY organizes special educational projects, whether or not linked to a specific school. Next to that, KOPERGIETERY works together with, e.g. , the city of Ghent, art eduction and the Ministry of Education.



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