In de voorstelling wordt behoorlijk tot veel tekst gebruikt.
De taal begrijpen is belangrijk om te volgen.


Nieuwe voorstelling van Mats Vandroogenbroeck & Jonas Baeke, makers van ‘Bambiraptor’. Ze onderzoeken het moment waar beeld en taal tekort schieten om een veel te groot gevoel te beschrijven: een gebroken hart.

De Eenzamen

A performance with and about Artificial Intelligence. Do we teach ALAN things or does ALAN teach us about existence?


After ‘The Queen has Disappeared’ Anna Vercammen and Joeri Cnapelinckx dish up a new multi-layered musical children’s show.

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, KOPERGIETERY & KGbe

Kruistocht. (Crusade) is a family opera by Johan De Smet and Frederik Neyrinck about child slavery and migration by children.

KOPERGIETERY, KGbe & playField.

Grab the control knob and decide what happens on stage!


A musical and verbal jam session between sorrow and bliss.


A celebration of the joie de vivre and confusion inside an indecisive, overly productive child brain.


A Plea for Suicide is about a young woman who desperately wants to be able to live but is continuously flirting with the idea of taking her own life.

KOPERGIETERY & company ma

Do you give one, four or no kisses when you meet? Are you supposed to take off your shoes when you enter somebody else’s house?  'Shakira & Chikara' a visual and musical quest for strange habits, cultural codes and exciting taboos.

KOPERGIETERY, KGbe & Les pieds dans le vent

In ‘Much too Much too Much’ theatre makers and actors set off in quest of the beauty and strength of less, in a world that’s filled with more.