In de voorstelling wordt tekst gebruikt.
De taal begrijpen is belangrijk om te volgen.

New performance by Mats Vandroogenbroeck & Jonas Baeke, creators of 'Bambiraptor'. They explore the moment where image and language fall short of describing an all-too-big feeling: a broken heart.
In deze nieuwe voorstelling onderzoekt Jade Derudder haar familiegeschiedenis. Stamt ze echt af van Vikingen zoals opa zo prachtig vertelde? Wat leeft er in je verder van verre, zelfs onbekende, familie? Welke stukjes opa vind jij in jezelf terug?
De Eenzamen
A performance with and about Artificial Intelligence. Do we teach ALAN things or does ALAN teach us about existence?
After ‘The Queen has Disappeared’ Anna Vercammen and Joeri Cnapelinckx dish up a new multi-layered musical children’s show.
Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, KOPERGIETERY & KGbe
Kruistocht. (Crusade) is a family opera by Johan De Smet and Frederik Neyrinck about child slavery and migration by children.
KOPERGIETERY, KGbe & playField.
Grab the control knob and decide what happens on stage!
A musical and verbal jam session between sorrow and bliss.
A celebration of the joie de vivre and confusion inside an indecisive, overly productive child brain.
A Plea for Suicide is about a young woman who desperately wants to be able to live but is continuously flirting with the idea of taking her own life.
KOPERGIETERY & company ma
Do you give one, four or no kisses when you meet? Are you supposed to take off your shoes when you enter somebody else’s house?  'Shakira & Chikara' a visual and musical quest for strange habits, cultural codes and exciting taboos.